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INGENIOUS training model & areas of focus: Agricultural Management

As autumn approaches, the INGENIOUS project moves onto its next phase, in which the training of the trainers of the INGENIOUS model will take place. Each consortium partner has selected a specific area of the Green Economy, so that they can develop the INGENIOUS training model beyond general digital skills, to include specific green digital competences. 

In Italy, SFC has chosen to focus on the area of Agricultural Management. SFC has enlisted the assistance of the agricultural technical institute Emilio Sereni situated on the outskirts of Rome ( Their students have chosen to attend the Agrarian high school because of their interest in nature and the environment, agriculture, veterinary sciences and forestry. Their teachers are constantly engaged in refresher courses on new technology-intensive farming techniques. This enables them to adequately prepare students for the new scenarios of Work in Agriculture 4.0.

Prof. Giovanni Beltrame will collaborate with SFC to develop training materials aimed at VET educators in the agricultural sector on the use of digital technologies and skills, with a particular focus on optimizing processes on grapevines and olive cultivation.

Prof. Beltrame will participate as SFC’s representative in the upcoming Train the Trainers workshop, to be held in Arta, Greece from 7th to 9th November.

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INGENIOUS project belongs to the Erasmus+ program category, KA2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, and specifically to KA226: Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness.