Sistemi Formativi Confidustria

SFC Sistemi Formativi Confindustria is a VET Centre specialized in Adult Education, under the National Law n° 40/1987. Structured as a consortium with almost 80 members, the major SFC’s shareholder is Confindustria, that is the main association representing manufacturing and service companies in Italy. SFC acts in the field of Education, Business Service, R&D in Education and Economy, Technical Assistance to Public Administration, ad local and national level.
Our aims are:

  • To increase the company’s awareness to be a key factor for economic, social, cultural innovation and development. SFC design and implement training for students and young entrepreneurs, as well as for Companies’ Top Management, concerning new business model, design thinking, ethical and sustainable thinking, and all the Entrepreneurship competencies as foreseen in the European framework EntreComp.
  • To anticipate the adaptation of VET courses to the new skill needs required by the Advanced Production System, in order to improve the companies‘ competitiveness and the attractiveness of Education systems.
  • To increase the stakeholders networking and engagement both at national and regional level, in ordert to implement the Industrial Deveolpment as well as the Education policies, fostering the cooperation with Public Administration.

SFC is a SME employing 15 experts in core competencies of Education differentiated in: Project Management and Business Services, European design for Education and Enterprise development, European and National Education policies and methodologies, ICT for Education, Dissemination and Exploitation, Education Assessment & Certification, Social and Statistic science applied to the training need analysis. SFC’s expert board is integrated by a network of experts, academics, advisors, with national and international relevance, specialized on several topic.

SFC’s premises are in Rome. Included in our facilities there are an Auditorium (800 seats) and all logistic and technological solutions adequate to organize all kind of transnational meetings (i.e. workshops, conference, convention) both online and in person.