You are currently viewing INGENIOUS Multiplier Event in Greece set for January 20th 2023!

INGENIOUS Multiplier Event in Greece set for January 20th 2023!

On Friday, January 20th 2023, the University of Ioannina is organizing the INGENIOUS Multiplier event in Arta, Greece. The event will be organized in order to share the Intellectual Outputs of INGENIOUS project with a wider local audience, presenting all the activities and outcomes.

During the event, there will be open discussions, presentations about the methodology developed in order to design the INGENIOUS VOOC platform, as well as demonstration activities of VOOC functionalities and didactic content. Also, the project team will present how the digital skills of VET providers have been improved through Green Economy modules, analyzing the outcomes of the final work package of the project.

The purpose of the event is to present, promote, and disseminate the outcomes of the project and also to communicate with other stakeholders related to the strengthening of digital skills. The participation in INGENIOUS Multiplier event is open for professionals of the Green sector, SMEs, VET providers and educators, public bodies, associations and everyone else interested.


The event will take place in the Central Library of the University campus, in Arta, Greece and anyone can attend it for free, after registering on entrance.


Below you can see the agenda for the event.

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