You are currently viewing Multiplier Event of INGENIOUS project in Rome, Italy!

Multiplier Event of INGENIOUS project in Rome, Italy!

A new milestone has been reached in the Erasmus project INGENIOUS in which SFC Sistemi Formativi Confindustria participates, and so from next Thursday, January 26th we will share the results of the project in the cozy setting of the Technical Agricultural Institute “Emilio Sereni” in Rome.

The program of the meeting, to which the teachers of technical scientific disciplines of the “Emilio Sereni” Institute and students are invited to participate, includes sharing the results of the project led by the University of Ioannina – Laboratory Of Knowledge and Intelligent Computing (Greece); funded under Erasmus Key Action 2 “Strategic Partnership in the field of VET.”

Focusing on new technologies for Agriculture, including the use of Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and more generally a digitization of services to support the producer and the consumer, developing the digital culture of teachers is a strategic element to enable the updating of educational paths and ensure that students are adequately prepared to move in current and future production scenarios.

The motivations that prompted SFC Sistemi Formativi Confindustria to work in INGENIOUS for the digital skills of teachers of Agriculture 4.0 courses derive precisely from the needs gathered by companies in the agrifood production and processing sector: digital and sustainable innovation of cultivation techniques, but also from the sector’s business models, which are increasingly related to ensuring high quality standards in terms of safety in production, logistics, and in support of citizens’ conscious consumption.

Together with ms Patrizia Marini, Dean of the ITA Emilio Sereni, and Mr Giovanni Beltrame, lecturer at ITA Emilio Sereni and author of the course, the rationale of the INGENIOUS project and how to use the courses to develop teachers’ digital skills will be shared.

The focus will be on the course “Digital Competences Supporting Agriculture 4.0,” available on the INGENIOUS platform.

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