INGENIOUS-strengthenINg diGital pEdagogy skills aNd competencIes Of edUcatorS is an Erasmus+ project that addresses the issue of digital illiteracy among VET educators by exploiting innovative ICT technologies. The ICT technologies used in the project’s framework are the VOOCs (Vocational Open Online Courses) platforms, which offer networked learning content without the need for physical movement. The plethora of digital educational tools can be integrated along with communication and assessment tools. The project’s outcomes will promote sustainable innovative methods and tools for teaching, training, learning, and assessment implemented on contemporary platforms, with the ability for adaptability and flexibility.

     The objectives of the project are setting a framework for assessing digital competencies of VET educators, designing, and implementing the training path via the VOOC platform, while taking into account their needs and the degree of digital accomplishment they possess. The project will also conduct a pilot study to validate the whole process by deriving educational material from the field of green economy that has great potential to be applicable in a variety of modern industries and SMEs.

     This project is carried out transnationally, as:

  • It clusters together the knowledge, information and best international practice about VET education.
  • It allows enhanced access to international educational best practices, which can be used and compared, and exchange of knowledge.
  • Dissemination and exploitation of results will benefit from the wide distribution of the partnership.

The main aspiration of the partners via this project is to offer an education tool for immediate use that will ultimately bridge the gap of digital skills acquisition among European VET educators.
The duration of the project is 24 months.