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INGENIOUS Web Meeting on IO2 Progress & Next Steps

On Wednesday, January 19th 2022, project partners participated in a web meeting regarding IO2 progress and next steps.

Prof. Chrysostomos Stylios representing UoI, presented the key aspects of IO2 and the important points of the training path development.

Next on, all partners presented their proposals regarding the general digital competences and the specific green competences, the creation of the training path and their preferred competence areas and levels of the participants.

UoI team continued with presenting the suggestions of the project’s lead partner on the development of the training path.

Ms. Ivana Russielo and Mr. Nicholas Emery referred to their vision on IO2 implementation, representing SFC, the lead partner of Intellectual Output 2.

Questions and discussion on IO2 progress followed, with partners from Bulgaria, Italy and Greece stressing out the importance of the results of IO1, and how these support the smooth implementation of the next IO2 activities.

Close to the conclusion of the meeting, partners from Bulgaria made a short presentation on the timeline and the activities programmed for IO3, which is to be lead by CleanTech.

The meeting closed by defining upcoming steps on IO2, with SFC representatives informing partners that they will send relative material and expect their feedback.

An image gallery and the meeting’s agenda can be found below:

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INGENIOUS project belongs to the Erasmus+ program category, KA2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, and specifically to KA226: Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness.