Styrian Technology Park

Styrian Technology Park (STP) was founded in 1994 as the first Slovenian technology park and it is a public non-profit technology, business & research support organization based in Podravje region. As a daughter institution of Regional Development Agency for Podravje region STP represents a focal point of/between business and academia sector in the North-Eastern part of Slovenia.

Two main scopes of activities:

STP acts as the Regional Centre for Technology Development, pursuing technological and innovative research and development sphere among / with different target groups and topics.
STP operates also as a Business Support Centre and Incubator for the development of dynamic, innovative business ideas of micro and small enterprises, with substantial input of knowledge in their products and/or services. It is an important component of the national support environment for innovative SMEs in the North East of Slovenia.

In 27 years from establishment, STP has been / is involved in a numerous and different kind of sectoral Research & Development & Innovation (national and transnational) projects.

Support and development activities are performed within a different sectors (digitalization, ICT and Industry 4.0, efficient use of energy, industrial symbiosis, e-mobility, advance manufacturing, robotics, etc.).