Diavalkaniko SA

Diavalkaniko SA is certified by the National Certification Center of Lifelong Vocational Training, the competent authority that is supervised by the Greek Ministry of National Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs.

Diavalkaniko SA is specialized in the area of lifelong learning and vocational training, providing an integrated package of vocational training, lifelong learning, career guidance, mentoring and consulting advices for unemployed people, employees and entrepreneurs.

Diavalkaniko SA has materialized multidimensional employment actions and it is developing educational programmes, giving priority to those that are in compliance with the diagnosis of the specialized needs of the market. 

In Diavalkaniko SA various methods of learning (traditional learning, distant learning, blended learning) are set in practice in order to apply to the needs and wishes of the participants. 

Moreover, Diavalkaniko SA provide consulting services to enterprises and unions and it has pioneered in the Data Protection Compliance Services, after the empowerment of the GDPR. 

The staff of Diavalkaniko SA constitutes of specialised employees, with deep experience who participate every year in training seminars, in order to empower their skills and participate in the process of lifelong learning. From its foundation Diavalkaniko SA has established cooperations with a long list of trainers, who specialize in different professional areas. 

Diavalkaniko SA implements each year various educational and training programmes for adults. 


Co-funded (EU)

  • Voucher programme for unemployed youth up to the age of 29 in the tourism sector (theoretical instruction and supervision over practice to private businesses) 
  • Voucher programme for youth between the ages of 18 and 24in private businesses with the aim of attaining work experience 
  • Voucher programme for youth between the ages of 25 and 29 in private businesses with the aim of attaining work experience  
  • Training seminars in tourism for underskilled people 
  • Voucher programme for ICT skills for participants of programmes in municipalities
  • Training programme for ex employees of industries that shut down and NEETs

Not co-funded

  • Seminars for employees in the private sector in business with less than 49 members of staff
  • Seminar for experts: Learning difficulties 
  • Specialized distant learning seminars
  • Seminar for the certification of Data Protection Officers
  • Seminars for the trainers of adult training