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Upcoming “Train the trainers” intensive workshop in Arta, Greece

The University of Ioannina, in cooperation with INGENIOUS partners, is organizing the Train the trainers” intensive workshop in Arta, from 7 to 9 of November 2022. The event will focus on the use of the INGENIOUS platform by VET educators, including content creation, educational tools, existing courses etc. The event will be held in a hybrid mode, with both physical and online participation, with educators and professionals from all partners’ countries.

In particular, the team of the University of Ioannina (Lead partner) has designed and will implement the “train the trainers” workshop which will take place in Arta, Greece and will be addressed to representatives of all the partners. It will be an intensive program including essential theories and concepts, practical tips, and activities regarding digital technologies. All this with a detailed presentation of the e-learning INGENIOUS VOOC platform, in order to facilitate the participants’ access effectively. The focus will be on equipping the trainers with essential digital skills, giving useful tips on how to manage the didactic content of the platform in order to get the most out of it, so as the trainers to be able to train the VET educators for the upcoming training courses. With their participation, representatives from all partners will be familiarized with the environment of the e-learning platform and will acquire basic skills on digital technologies, so when they go back to their home countries they will be able to train their VET educators to utilize the VOOC platform, as well as to act as multiplier factors for the dissemination and sustainability of the INGENIOUS project.

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