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Assessment tool for digital skills – Design and Implementation

Digital transformation of the European Union (EU) nations is one of the priorities of development in the EU. An example of the European Commission’s support of the development of teachers’ competencies is the Digital Competence Framework for Educators (DigCompEdu).

Green Economies are driven by the workforce with general green competencies and specific green competencies. These are the skills that all workers should have to contribute to green economies, such as the ability to use digital products to reduce pollution. Because INGENIOUS project aims to develop a digital platform for shifting VET education online, both general greening and specific green competencies are tailored for digital learning.

Based on the proposed general digital green and specific digital green competencies, there was designed a questionnaire for VET educators comprising the above-mentioned competencies. Each competence-related question was presented in the form of a statement that respondents were expected to match with their level of expertise.

The survey aimed to develop a new methodology for creating, identifying, and self-assessing general greening digital competencies and specific green digital competencies of VET instructors. To represent the European scale of responses, a set of 5 countries, represented by specific institutions, created and administered the survey.

These two different types of competencies were introduced into two separate sections of the survey. Section “General Greening Digital Competences” was partly consistent with the European framework “Digital Competences” (DigComp), which was designed for commercial applications. Competences were encoded in self-assessed statements, similar to the design of the DigCompEdu survey. Each questionnaire is tailored to the needs of specific institutions. The resulted questionnaires were translated into local languages – Greek, Italian, Slovenian and Bulgarian, whereas the master copy was translated into Latvian and is presented in English. Technically these questionaries were implemented using Google Forms.

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INGENIOUS project belongs to the Erasmus+ program category, KA2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, and specifically to KA226: Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness.